Water Workshop.

Q1. The Haber-Bosch process synthesizes of ammonia from atmospheric
nitrogen and is used to produce fertilizers. Watch the following video:

and then answer the questions:
(i) How has the implementation of the H-B process saved lives?
(ii) Why was the invention of the H-B process thought necessary in the
context of late 19thC agriculture?
(iii) What are some of the deleterious environmental side effects of the
H-B process?
Q2. How does urban sprawl increase nutrient loads to local water bodies
such as rivers, lakes and coastal waters?
(i) Explore why Cyanobacterial blooms worldwide increasing in recent
decades, for example in the Murray River ?
(ii) Outline the processes which contribute to the creation of a coastal
‘dead zone’.
Q4. Explore and discuss the connection with outbreaks of Crown-of-Thorns
seastars and nutrient pollution in the GBR.
See the following links :

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