war style: MLA

war style: MLA
The prompt is right here: How is Lawrence LeShaun’s argument that American’s love war reflected in “How to Tell a True War Story”? Show how the emotions and events portrayed in the work you chose reflect or contradict LeShaun’s premise.
The article by Ugo is from my library database we need to use an academic resource so i chose that one. If it doesn’t work at all then you can find one from your database if you want.

all four sources that are attached must be used for this paper.

The Learning Goals

This assignment challenges you to analyze either the film, Apocalypse Now, or “How to Tell a True War Story” by Tim O’Brien, using diverse sources drawn from your research and the assignments we’ve had in class. This assignment gives you the flexibility to develop your own ideas to support a strong arguable thesis about the story
The paper

This should include 5 full typewritten pages, plus 1 Works Cited.

The Format: Double-spaced. 12 pt. font (New Times Roman or Ariel. 1” margins on all sides. Include a header with your name, the class (Comp. 102), my name and the date on Page 1. Create a running header with your last name and the page number to appear on each page of your paper.

Be sure to follow MLA citation style. Use in-text citations whenever you reference unique ideas or use quotations from your source texts. Use your style guide or an online tool such as EasyBib to ensure that your citations and Works Cited are correctly formatted.

Remember: You must cite the evidence you use, according to MLA style, and include a Works Cited.

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