using text Coombs, T. W. (2014). Ongoing Crisis Communication Planning, Managing, and Responding (4th ed.) Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. as your REFERENCE write a 1 page essay see below

You are a principal of a local high school (HOMELAND HIGH) and one of your teachers calls you at 5pm on Tuesday Night (September 22, 2015) and wants a minute of your time. This teacher (Mrs. Nervooos) stated that one of her students told her that she heard a rumor that a student is going to bring a gun into the school tomorrow and shoot up the place. You understand that school starts tomorrow morning at 7:30am and you must take action.

For your assignment, I would like you to write a one page document discussing how you would handle this crisis. Keep in mind that in this document you should incorporate the information from Chapter 1-3 of your text book into this document.

Please be specific and accurate!!!!



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