Volunteer Presentation.

Volunteer Presentation.

Prepare a multimedia presentation designed to attract volunteers to a human services organization. Your presentation should include the following:

1. Name, Mission, History, and other information about the organization.

2. Types of clients served.

3. Roles and responsibilities of the volunteer.

4. Training and orientation required for volunteers.

5. Types of supervision and oversight a volunteer will receive.

6. An appealing reason why the person should consider volunteering for the organization.

Your presentations should cite a minimum of three sources of support. Note: The PowerPoint presentation must be narrated or include detailed speakers notes. The sources got to be 5 years and less old. It must contains a well- articulated thesis statement, proper mechanics, correct APA formatting.

Outlines required information about the human services organization in great detail and provide a thorough description of the types of clients served.
Describe the roles and responsibilities of volunteers in great detail.

Illustrated the appeal of the organization to prospective volunteers using solid evidence and cogent argumentation.

Identifies the training/orientation received by volunteers in great detail and specifies the required level of supervision with appropriate justification.

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