vision assingment

vision assingment

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Pick a leader who you would like to learn more about. Probably this somebody you already know something about, someone who you may have “followed,” and someone who you think you might learn from if you studied them some more. This should be someone who is relatively “famous,” and whom there are likely many articles and/or books written. It could be a political, sports, business, music, religious, charity, fashion…(whatever), leader. It should not be someone you have written about in the previous assignments, or in a previous class. The person could be alive or dead, but they should be real (not fictional). The main thing is that you can learn about them from multiple sources, and not just what they or their publicists or avid followers say about them. No leader is liked by everyone, and most leaders who really accomplish something do tick some people off along the way, and have their detractors as well. Describe their life, what they have accomplished, and how they managed to accomplish this. Utilize concepts from your books, and theories of leadership, in describing the individual. Be sure to comment on the actions they have taken, both effective and ineffective, and how these actions have contributed to their leadership and accomplishments. please use derek jeter as the person use the books for the concepts the leadership chanllenge by kouses and posner and also a snapshot of great leadership by jon p. howell

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