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The Farm House is a working farm stay located in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands, that focuses on modelling sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Our aim is to provide a relaxing, calming experience for our guests, whilst also setting an example for the community to follow by educating people on how the practices of self-sustainability contribute to a healthy lifestyle and support the environment. As a guest, you are provided with first hand experience and knowledge of seeing how the food we eat is produced. Ultimately we hope our guests leave feeling inspired to make even the smallest changes towards a healthier existence.

Issue: Your company has had a policy for a number of years that allows for the increasing diversity of the workforce of the company. The policy has been in place for five years and gradual progress was being made. However, in the last 12 months the diversity of staff in a number of key areas within the organisation seem to be retreating. It seems to be linked to a manager appointed 12 months ago.

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