Very Basic Computer Generated Image in Java

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Your task for this assignment is use the Java Canvas and Graphics classes to create an example of a computer generated image. This is an opportunity for you to explore computer graphics and exercise some individual creativity.

You should submit well-documented code, along with a lab report describing your work.  What happened in the process of exploration and design for your project? How does your code work? How did you use other features of Java, such as branching routines or loops in your work? Tell us about the thoughts behind your finished work. What influenced your work?

Your work can be as simple or as complex as you would like, but be careful about taking on something that will be enormously time consuming.  If you decide to work on figurative art, It might help to start with a single idea or concept, such as snowfall in the city, or along the Schuylkill. Abstract or figurative art can both be static or dynamic.  Imagine how, for example, the Bedroom Window example at the end of this chapter could be subtly dynamic.


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