vector self-pulsing in a fibre laser

Students are required to present a realistic plan for the work they will need to pursue to achieve the aims of their project. The final proposal and plan should be submitted as a PDF file via Blackboard to the project moderator and must be discussed with the academic supervisor by the due date. The document should include a project plan (such as a Gantt chart) and indicate milestones and deadlines for completion of work packages. During the project work students should check off these milestones and if they fail to meet them draw up a revised plan to ensure they still meet the project objectives. The date recorded by Blackboard will be taken as the submission date. The project proposal report should be at most 1500 words plus diagrams. The report should contain a detailed project proposal which describes the aims of the project and the deliverables. There are four components of the project proposal, all of which should be documented in the report for the student to meet the threshold pass mark (40). These are: ● Potential benefits The motivation behind the project should be described along with the potential benefits of the project. Benefits in four categories are envisaged: ○ Academic The project will contribute to our understanding of this problem domain in some way;   ○  Technical T he project will identify a new way of doing something or will deliver a prototype system that explores new ideas, or will deliver a solution to an identified problem;    ○  Business Here a business case should identify any commercial partner associated with the project and fully describe the financial or other benefits of the project to that partner;    ○  Social and Environmental The project will have potential social or environmental benefits. Projects do not have to have benefits under all four of the headings listed above but the report should highlight potential benefits under at least one heading. ●
The main problems to be addressed and chosen methodology The proposal should identify the main problems to be solved and describe how those problems will be addressed. The student should give careful attention to risk assessment (e.g. what happens if a problem is harder than expected) and should outline their proposed project management. The student should say what methodology will be adopted for this project.  ● Requirements and feasibility The are may not have been time in the initial stage to fully detail the requirements. However, the student should have at least an outline of the full requirements. The student should assess the feasibility of the project proposal and provide an argument that what they are proposing will meet the requirements within the available time scale.  ● Objectives. The objectives relate to the expected outcomes of the project. You should break these down into ‘primary objectives’ which you guarantee to achieve and ‘extensions’ which will only be implemented if time allows. The primary objectives should be clearly specified, but the extensions may be vaguer. Do not be afraid to specify more extensions than you will be able to implement. ● Project Plan The student should provide a project plan(e.g.a Ganttchart or other suitable diagrams) identifying the tasks to be completed and the schedule for completing those tasks within the published deadlines. The activities in the project plan should be explained and justified. The level of detail should be sufficient to answer all the strategic questions regarding the project.
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