Using relevant theories and models critically evaluate and analyse the leadership of a 21st century leader

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Using relevant theories and models critically evaluate and analyse the leadership of a 21st century leader of a (business, government or not-for-profit) organisation. If you were in the position of the leader, what could you do to be a better leader and make a stronger impact on the followers and on the situation?
For this assignment you can select a leader from a large or a small organisation. You can select a leader from your own organisation or one that you are familiar with. It could be a CEO of an international organisation whom you have read about in the newspapers/biographies, or a family member who runs a small business with a few staff members. The choice of leader and organisation is yours.
Write a report in which you cover the following:
A clear description of the leader, the organisation/industry, and situation/context.·
An evaluation of the leader by referring to concepts and theories covered in the subject (·e.g. style, behaviour, traits, attitudes, power) and by referring to relevant examples and mini-cases in the textbook (where appropriate).
A discussion of how you would lead differently if you were put in the· same situation/s as the leader and how you could make a stronger impact on the followers and on the situation/s.
It is important to demonstrate your knowledge about Leadership and to clearly reference your sources. Read about Leadership in journal articles (using AIB Online Library), books (including the textbook), business literature, etc. Note the sources and use then throughout the report.
Remember that pure description and paraphrasing is not sufficient. A good report will clearly take an analytical approach and demonstrate application of leadership concepts/theories.
In order to do well you need to structure your discussion appropriately, use good references, and clearly link recommendations to description and analysis presented earlier in the report.
Important assignment instructions
The required word length for this assignment is 2500 words (plus or minus 10%).§
In terms of structure, presentation and style you are normally required to use:§
AIB standard report format; and
AIB preferred Microsoft Word settings; and
Harvard style referencing (which includes in-text citations plus a reference list).
These requirements are detailed in the AIB Style Guide.
©Australian Institute of Business. V18Sep15 – HGC:2015:8ed 11
702LEAD Leadership Subject Overview
Reference lists for AIB assignments / projects normally contain the§ following number of relevant references from different sources: 6–12 (for MBA assignments).
All references must be from credible sources such as books, industry§ related journals, magazines, company documents and recent academic articles.
Your grade will be adversely affected if your assignment contains§ no/poor citations and/or reference list and also if your assignment word length is beyond the allowed tolerance level (see Assessment Policy available on AIB website).
Useful resources when working on your assignments include:§
AIB Online Library
AIB Assignment Guide
AIB Style Guide
Academic Integrity: Avoiding Plagiarism, Collusion and Other Issues
It is important to adhere to high standards of academic integrity. Academic integrity refers to ethical, honest and responsible conduct in writing and reporting. Breaches of academic integrity include:
Plagiarism – submitting another person’s words or ideas as your own without appropriate acknowledgement and referencing,§
Collusion – submitting work as if it is one’s own when in reality it has been completed with others,§
Fabrication – submitting work with results or data that do not exist and that have been made up,§
Double submission – submitting the same piece of work for more than one subject or by more than one person.§
Please note that AIB checks assignments for plagiarism (using Turnitin text-matching software) and for other academic misconduct. AIB penalises work and/or people found to have been in breach of academic integrity.
For more details please see Academic Integrity policy on AIB website.
Online Library User Guide
AIB uses the EBSCO host online library. Below are the instructions on how to use the online library:
1. Go to the AIB website
2. Click ‘Student Resources’.
3. Click ‘Online Library’.
©Australian Institute of Business. V18Sep15 – HGC:2015:8ed 12
702LEAD Leadership Subject Overview
4. Click on the link Access EBSCO host which will take you to the login screen.
5. Once you can see the login screen, type in your user name and password that have been provided to you.
6. Once logged in, you should be able to see the search bar.
7. Start your research by keying in different key words. Click search to get the search results.
8. Review the article abstract or the full text (depending on its availability).

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