Uses of bioinformatics in the biotechnology and/or research sector




Prepare a report that illustrates some of the uses of bioinformatics in the biotechnology and/or research sector. The report should begin with a section that summarises the general field of bioinformatics, including the types of data that can be examined. This should be approximately one-third of the report, and should contain some references. The next part of the report must include several (at least 3) specific examples of where bioinformatics has been applied by a company, research or medical institution to either develop a product or to assist in the diagnosis/treatment of a medical condition (note that the product may be still under development). These examples should be reviewed in some detail, with literature (published, patent and web-based) cited extensively. Citations should be in the form of a standard journal format, for example;

Fry, B.N., S. Feng, Y.-Y. Chen, D.G. Newell, P.J. Coloe and V. Korolik. 2000. The galE gene of Campylobacter jejuni is involved in LPS synthesis and virulence. Infection and Immunity, 68: 2594-2601.

URL’s should be cited appropriately, and the date accessed listed. Please use a separate list for URL’s and primary citations. Where possible, a primary citation must be used rather than a URL- URL’s are primarily to cite Bioinformatics tools, databases or Company websites.

You can choose any products/therapeutic target you wish, examples may be cancer (drugs or vaccines for treatment or microarrays for diagnosis), gene therapy, target identification, medical informatics, modelling, in silico screening etc. Also acceptable are examples where bioinformatics-specific companies/organisations have developed software that is used by the biotechnology or medical sector. In this instance, the particular attributes of the software should be discussed. Remember that, in the lectures to come, you will hear about several techniques that may be applied to your task (see the lecture schedule). Please note that this report is not to be an essay/literature review of a particular bioinformatics application.

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