Unit 9 Task 3

To use a case study of Anne and Angus, Angus is an elderly person who is Rastafarian and has recently moved into his daughters Anne’s home with her husband Bob and his daughter Zoe who is polish. Angus refuses any help which can cause problems for carers and Anne has quit her job to become his full time carer with the help of Zoe which is making her miss school and slack. Things to write about: Zoe: safeguarding individuals, duty of care, beneficence, Anne: moral status of the individual, autonomy, social justice, Angus: promotion of dignity independence and rights of the individual, empowerment, duty of care. you need to explain how they apply to the care of the case study people (p4) and then what dilemmas could occur for a multi-disciplinary or multi-agency team (p5)

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