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Identify health services laws or regulations based on:

(1) A utilitarian philosophy

(2) A deontological philosophy

(3) Elements of both

How compatible are these philosophies when included in the same law or regulation?

Your post should be original and include supporting evidence from 3 to 5 evidence-based peer-reviewed articles published in journals. Web sites, news papers and editorials are not considered
evidence-based sources. Include the appropriate in-text citations within the post and list the full reference at the end of the post. In-text citations and references should be formatted in the APA
format. You may find the Purdue OWL website listed below helpful. It provides guidance on the APA format. Please do not post a leading question.

https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/ (Links to an external site.)

Failure to incorporate material from evidence-based resources into the assignment will result in loss of percentage(s)

Required Text(s) and Resources

Longest, B.B., and Darr, K., (2008). Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems (6th ed.) Baltimore, MD: Health Professional Press. ISBN 978-1-938870-00-2.

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