Unified Communications Platforms

Unified Communications Platforms


Based on the five criteria that you discussed in your Week Two Learning Team Collaborative discussion, submit, individually, a comparison of the different kinds of unified communication platforms, their features and functionality. Make sure you clearly list the five criteria that you will be using in your evaluation.  Use a table when making a summary of your comparison.


Unified Communications Platforms

 Compare Different Unified Communication Platforms

            This week our assignment was to compare different kinds of unified communication platforms. Focusing on their features and functionality as well as their fundamental differences. I decided to compare several different options and explain the different benefits that they each have to offer. The first is Avaya, which is a global provider of business collaboration and communication solutions. They provide unified communications, contact centers, networking and related services to companies of all sizes all around the world. Some of the biggest features of Avaya is that it accommodates customers with multi-vendor environments seeking to use their existing solutions with specific collaboration products they need, and rapidly create and deploy applications. It supports customers through a scattered and mobile workplace and also manages personal devices in the workplace. Enabling real-time video collaboration or driving consistent customer experiences. It helps you save money by making you more productive. Yes in the short term it may be more costly but the quality you are purchasing will make up for that in the long run. Also as your company grows Avaya can grow with it simply by updating the software or in rare instances installing new hardware. It also makes it easier for customers to get in contact with the company and resolving customer issues is always one of the most important aspects of running a successful company.

            Cisco Unified Communications is the second one I would like to investigate. It also helps communicate flexibly and effectively. It accomplishes this in several ways. It helps enable comprehensive and effective collaborative experiences. It connects co-workers, partners, venders, and customers with the information and expertise that they need. I discovered several time saving and cost reducing statistics courtesy of www.itbusinessedge.com. “Forty-nine percent of user organizations saved up to 20 minutes per employee daily by reaching workers on the first try. Fifty-four percent of user organizations saved up to 20 minutes per employee daily by escalating IM chats into phone calls. Fifty percent of user organizations saved up to 20 minutes per employee daily by escalating IM chats into Web conferences. Forty-six percent of user organizations realized travel savings of more than five days per employee annually. Sixty-eight percent of user organizations reported productivity improvements between geographically-dispersed functional groups. Fifty percent of user organizations saved up to 20 minutes per employee daily from more efficient message management.” This helps put into perspective just how much unified communications can do for a company. Being efficient is being a step ahead of the competition. While they are on step one you can be planning for step three.

            The other one I wanted to take a look at was UCedge by Toshiba Corporation.  This platform is compatible with Windows PCs, Mac OS X computers and Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. UCedge works on Toshiba’s VIPedge and Ipedge phone systems. This platform will also help you work from anywhere and you can use up to three devices at the same time. It will help protect your privacy by only showing the office number even when you are calling on the go with your personal mobile device.  Works internationally without any hiccups, and can connect via instant messaging if the person you are trying to reach is busy on another telephone call. It will even show you the status of the users you are attempting to reach before you try and call them helping to save time if people are busy or out of the office. You can view call and IM history in one place for all your devices that use UCedge. Toshiba has made so many improvements lately to make UCedge attractive to everyone that it would probably be my first choice if I were running a company. From the free features it now possesses in its basic package to its easy accessibility it seems to be an extremely well rounded product.

Skype has been the top platform that most businesses have chosen because it’s easy use. Skype allows you to have unlimited video chat meetings for up to 10 people for free. You can also share your screen with users, chat with the built-in IM, send files such as DOC and PowerPoint and access Skype from different devices such as mobile, PC and MAC. Skype offers subscriptions to add more features to help better your business and help improve employee productivity. “Over 75% of user organizations experience improved productivity of employees across geographically-dispersed locations due to voice and video conferencing” (Bailey)

WebEx is another option that is offered as a unified communication platform. It, like Skype, offers video chat for your business meetings but limits the users to 7 people. It does give you the option to share your screen with users, record your meeting to send to people who may not have been able to attend and a mobile application to help you be more communicated. It also allows you to change documents with the other users. WebEx allows you to subscribe monthly for minutes and more users if needed. “46% of user organizations realize travel savings of more than five days per employee annually” (Bailey)

Unified communication platforms are becoming a reliable resource for businesses to keep in touch while away and attend meetings if you are not able to make it to the office. It also helps connect people that are in other states or countries. Incorporating a unified communication platform will increase employee productivity, team-based productivity and help keep those meetings organized. It will also give the company a secure connection between everyone involved and better data privacy. By choosing a unified communication platform, the company will open many doors for the employees to be more team-based productive and will reduce the extra spending as well as offer better customer service.


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