Understanding the need for and aspects of Strategic Change Management.

It is the realities of today, change is imperative for a healthy and sustainable success of today’s organizations. To this
end, every organization undergoes a change process so as to compete with the changing market circumstances. You
are required to identify the need for change in any department or area in your chosen organization and you have to
state why there is a need for change and how will you plan and implement it effectively.
Task 1
Understand the background to organisational strategic change 1.1 Discuss models of strategic change and their differences (AC 1.1). 1.2 Evaluate the relevance of models of strategic change to your chosen organisations in the current
Economy (as of the current situation which is the best suitable model) (AC 1.2). 1.3 Assess the value of using strategic intervention techniques in your chosen organisations (AC 1.3).
Task 2
Understanding the issues related to strategic change in an organisation 2.1 Examine the need for strategic change in the chosen organisation (explain where or which part of the
organization you intend to bring change) (A.C 2.1). 2.2 Assess the factors that are driving the need for strategic change in your chosen organisation. (A.C 2.2) 2.3 Assess the resource implications of the chosen organisation not responding to strategic change in light of
financial, human and physical resources (A.C 2.3).
Task 3
Be able to lead stakeholders in developing a strategy for change
 Develop appropriate and efficient systems to involve stakeholders in the planning of change. (A.C 3.1)
 Develop a change management strategy for your chosen organization and show how stakeholders’
involvement in the change initiative is ensured. (A.C 3.2)
 Evaluate the systems (which you have developed in 3.1) used to involve stakeholders in the planning of
change. (A.C 3.3).
 Create a strategy for managing resistance to change; you need to address the issues involved and provide a
workable approach to overcome resistance to change. (A.C 3.4)
Task 4
Be able to plan to implement modules for ensuring ongoing change.
 Develop appropriate models for change in your selected organization which have to reflect the circumstances
facing the organization (A.C 4.1)
 Develop a plan on how you will implement the change plan. (A.C 4.2)
 Develop appropriate measures to monitor progress by explaining how you will monitor the progress of the implemented change (A.C 4.3).

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