understanding Security – water security in South East Asia

understanding Security – water security in South East Asia

1500 word (count does not include reference list) security report, which can be either:

• One aspect of security considered across a region or globally e.g. water security in South East Asia; global terrorism threat

• The key security issues of a particular country. Arguably all countries are affected by all security issues to some extent, but you will need to justify and focus on a few key issues, maybe showing how they are linked if appropriate.

Subject area and titles to be decided by individual student. If in doubt about the suitability of your report, discuss it with the tutor.

The report should be a continuous piece of structured writing (so not just a list of bullet points, or note form, which was fine for the more informal portfolio entries). It should have a logical progression, and have facts and arguments evidenced from the literature you have found. Provide evidence and critique of the different sides to any argument, and links to theory. We want to see criticality skills, so not just a descriptive account, e.g. long historical timeline – in 1997 this happened, then in 1999 this happened, then in 2005 … etc etc, or lots of general description of a country.

Use references in the text of your writing to back up statements or arguments, e.g. Smith et al (2011) argue that …, or The key security issues for Uganda have been described as … (Jones & Aziz 2010), although Peters (2009) also show that … . A complete and accurate reference list is needed at the end. It should be predominantly high quality academic references, not newspapers, or over-reliance on a single or a few websites.

You may use subheadings if it helps with clarity but they are not compulsory. A contents page or abstract are not required, nor are recommendations.

Tables and Figures are welcome if they help illustrate a point. If used, make sure they are referred to in the text to support the argument, the title and legend are clear, and where they are taken from is referenced .

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