UN Field Mission Leadership

Along with presentation, please prepare ‘presentation note’ which include possible questions from audiences and my answers, I will use it during the presentation.

Step 1: First, please carefully study the following book

Baert P. (2005), Philosophy of the Social Sciences: Towards Pragmatism, Polity Press:
Cambridge, UK. ISBN: 9780521739061

Heilbroner R. L. (1995), The Worldly Philosophers, New York: Simon & Schuster, rev. 7th ed. ISBN: 0‐684‐8621‐X

Step 2: Then, select and study two among the four following articles

Chhaochharia, V., Grinstein, Y. (2009), CEO Compensation and Board Structure, The
Journal of Finance 64 (1), 231‐261.

Engelen. A., Gupta, V., and M. Brettel (2015), Entrepreneurial Orientation, Firm
Performance, and the Moderating Role of Transformational Leadership Behaviors, Journal of Management, 41, 4, 1069-1097.

Hon, H.Y., Bloom, M., and J.M. Crant (2014), Overcoming Resistance to Change and Enhancing Creative Performance, Journal of Management, 40, 3, 919-941.

Luedicke, M.K., C.J. Thompson, and M. Giesler (2010), Consumer Identity Work as Moral
Protagonism: How Myth and Ideology Animate a Brand‐Mediated Moral Conflict. Journal of Consumer Research, 36, 6, 1016‐1032.

Step 3: Based on the reading of the book(s) in Step 1, write up a critical
comparative review discussing:

a. What are the assumptions of the authors concerning
‐ the nature of reality
‐ the capability of researchers to detect reality
‐ the goals of academic research?

b. What are the consequences of these assumptions for the selection of
theory and empirical methods?

c. To what extent are the results/findings a consequence of the assumptions
and the choices made?

d. How would all the various steps in the research and the outcomes have
been different when basing the research on other assumptions?

Step 4: Prepare a 5 minutes presentation of your review.

Step 5: Please prepare a 10 minutes presentation of your research idea.

The presentation should contain answers to the following questions:
1. What is the managerial problem to be resolved/tackled?
2. Why is it important to resolve that problem?
3. How can this managerial problem be formulated in a more abstract academic manner to make it become a research problem (What kind of problem is it)?
4. What are your ideas on how to approach that research problem?
5. What is the contribution you plan to make to our knowledge?

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