UK Critical Analysis

the student chooses one of the Member States of the EU
and critically analysis it within the context of the organization with a particular emphasis on its business fit.
Below there is an indicative guidance of information that could be collected for your country in order to understand its participation within the EU:
The main points to cover when analysing your country:
• Main parameters: Population, wealth profile, type of political government, last elections winning party, representation on European institutions, when and why it joined the EU and whether it is only a member of the EU but also Eurozone and Schengen. Also you should be able to find its 10-year bond yield as an indication of how it is economically faring.

• How good is at implementing European policies or whether it is lagging behind: Internal Market Scoreboard

• How open your country is to business set-ups and how easy is to do so by looking at the point of single contact

• Any major issues currently between your country and the EU particularly on the business area?

• Looking at the European crisis: How much has your country suffered as a consequence of it and how it is likely to fare in the near future.

• How are the issues above reflected by the population – Analysis of latest Eurobarometer survey.

• Looking at the future: Where does your country stand in terms of Europa 2020 Programme

• Any critical assessment of your country as a conclusion.

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