UAE-Wide Solar-Powered Posts for WiFi Distribution Points and Mobile Phones Recharging in the farms, beaches and rural.

Develop a proposal for a new product or service offering

Prepare a plan to bring the product to the market.

The main task is to analyse the market potential of the invention.

Each group will be responsible for preparing:

A  case report;

A maximum seven-minute presentation for the last sessions.

You are encouraged to use personal contacts, newspaper articles, websites, academic papers, trade press, etc. to develop your cases.

New product or service innovation to the UAE

It can already be available in another country

Prepare a plan to bring the product to the market

Description of product or service innovation

Technological factors

Rate of change? Externalities? Switching costs?

Market factors

Rate of adoption? Adoption characteristics?

Product lifecycle

Dominant design? Competitive environment?

Complementary assets

What other resources to you need to commercialise? Are they available? Who owns them?

Will the innovation succeed in the UAE?

Why or why not?

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