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Since the start of the semester, we have discussed various ways in which a film can be transnational, and, in short, a transnational approach to cinema involves considering how a film crosses
borders in different and specific ways. For example, Deborah Shaw’s typologies of transnational cinema are helpful in this respect with understanding how cinema can be transnational in various

In a 2 to 3 page essay, explain how Diarios de motocicleta/Motorcycle Diaries is transnational in at least two ways, one of which must examine the clip that comes from the movie. The other way, or
ways, in which the film is transnational can be at the level of the film’s production (finances, directors, actors, etc.), exhibition (where the movie was shown upon release), or distribution.

Since the essay is limited to 3 pages, you will not be able to exhaustively discuss all the film’s transnational aspects. Instead, as intimated above, it is strongly suggested that you use specific
examples from the film or the film’s production, exhibition, or distribution.

Finally, it is not necessary to devote half your paper to an analysis of the clip and half to some other aspect, or aspects, of the film’s transnationalism. Instead, you may spend more time on the
clip and less on another aspect, or aspects.

The clip from Diarios de motocicleta win the movie on IU’s Swank viewing site, and the clip runs from 42:46-44:45. As I have written elsewhere, the movie can be accessed by going through the IU
Media Services website: < (????????)>. Click on “Recommended Resources” and then click on “Swank Motion Pictures” and locate the movie title by typing “Motorcycle
Diaries” into the search window.

Your paper should have the following:

the pagination specified above (not 1.5 pages);
size 12 and Times New Roman font with normal margins and double-spacing between lines;
correct grammar and spelling;
a compelling title that goes beyond “Essay #1.” Consider formulating a title that will orient the reader to the content of your paper;
a thesis statement that presents an argument. “Diarios de motocicleta is a very transnational film” or “Diarios de motocicleta is very interesting” are not compelling arguments;
secondary resources are not necessary for the analysis of the clip. However, in the case of production, distribution, and exhibition, you are likely to need to cite some source to show how a film
is transnational in that respect. Use MLA style for parenthetical references and a works cited page.
do not write a concluding paragraph. A concluding sentence, or two, is more appropriate for a paper this length;
you are encouraged to visit the IU Writing Center.

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