Titanic movie Review

Writing a review about Titanic movie by following below
DESCRIPTION: Describe the work with enough details to paint a picture in your readers’ minds.

OPINION: Determine how you feel about the work, state a clear opinion, and remain committed.

INKLING: Give a brief summary of the work – including info on the author/artist/chef, their other works, and any related background – to familiarize and orient your readers. But don’t give away the plot!

THEME: Think about the big picture. Is the film horror or comedy? Is the restaurant a country diner or a city steak house? And why do readers need to know this?

REFLECT: Be sure that what you are saying about the work is fair and unbiased. Have you included strengths and weaknesses?

IDENTIFY: Consider how the work relates to its viewers or listeners. Why would someone want to experience the thing you are reviewing?

GUARD: Guard your opinions by supporting them with specific examples from the work.

HARMONY: Apply proper mechanics, grammar, sentence construction and APA formatting, and avoid first and second person pronouns (i.e. I and you).

TALLY: Tally up your thoughts to conclude with an evaluation of the work that either recommends or rejects it.


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