Here are the guidelines given by my professor. This is my first time using this website, and I am a little nervous but very hopeful. I have a crazy weekend going on and simpy do not have the time.
Prepare Back to School Roundup to generate day-of media coverage at the event by developing a Media Advisory and Fact Sheet.


1) Prepare a Media Advisory inviting journalists to attend the event.

Be sure to include a description of visual and interview opportunities at the event (brainstorm to identify these).

2) Develop a Fact Sheet for distribution to reporters when they arrive. The Fact Sheet MUST include the following sections of content:

About Back to School Round (the organization).
About the Event
About Education and Poverty. Students MUST conduct research to gather data, opinion polls or other relevant statistics. This should include regional and national data. Include a minimum of 6 facts related to the client/issue. Hint: Relevant key words and search terms include: education, poverty, income level, poverty level, socioeconomic status, literacy, math competency, reading competency, educational disparity and standardized testing. There is also data available indicating the impact of a high school or college degree on pay rates and earning potential.

Assignment Guidelines:

Follow proper formatting guidelines and AP Style.
Use the same letterhead that you created for the News Release assignment.
Save the Media Advisory and the Fact Sheet as ONE document.
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