theories of murder

theories of murder

Project description

since we’re reading about theories of murder,  go and find me a murder. Now, I don’t want anything particularly infamous — no mass murders, nor serialists. We cover them in other discussions. The majorityof the homicides that occur occur in ones and twos, so, although no less tragic, they don’t tend to show up in the press as much. But they ARE reported. So what I want you to do is simply this. Find me an example of homicide that is reported in the media. Then, using as much information as you can get from press reports, identify one of the theoretical perspectives which might be useful in understanding that particular homicidal event. So if it appears to be a clear cut case of Luckenbill’s “situated transaction” style of event, tell me, and explain how that fits the event. Or if it appears to be a case where the killer socially learned to do their murderous crime, then explain how that process took place. Or if the event seems to be an example where routine activities theory might be helpful, then again, explain WHY it would be a good “fit” for that particular murder.

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