'theories of change' that underpin the constructivist therapies

‘theories of change’ that underpin the constructivist therapies
write an essay which critically discusses the ‘theories of change’ that
underpin the constructivist therapies (i.e., narrative and solution focused).

word count : 1500
marking criteria:
*Excellent introduction with topic area
clearly identified
*Excellent positioning of constructivist
therapies within the broader
counselling context with all key people
*Excellent identification of the
significance of the topic
*Excellent definitions or explanations of
key terms
*Provides a skilful synthesis of previous
relevant literature
*Demonstrates excellent analysis &/
or evaluation of the literature
*Excellently structured & convincing
argument/ position
*Demonstrates a comprehensive
understanding of theories of change
*A comprehensive conclusion, including a
brief summary of main ideas, argument/
position/ significance of area or role of
future considerations
*Excellent use of references when
reviewing relevant literature
*Provides a comprehensive evidence base
with clear links to argument/s
*Excellent use of paragraphs
*Headings provided
*Fluent writing style without
grammatical or spelling errors
*APA citation adherence
*APA referencing adherence

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