The trend of Clanning; through which consumers seek comfort and reinforcement of those who share their values and beliefs

For this assignment, you will investigate the trend of Clanning; through which consumers seek comfort and reinforcement of those who share their values and beliefs – or even their interests.
Plan to do research in other information sources (such as the library, talking to people, interviewing business people, contacting trade groups, surfing the net, conducting a survey, etc.) to document the trend you are given. For example, research a notable company/product/service that shows/reflects your trend, then locate quality articles that describe the latest of “what’s happening” in that industry as it reflects consumer behavior.

Evidence of the trend can be provided through any of the following: products, promotional examples, pricing, market segments, retailing, shifts in consumer behavior that may result from marketing activities. You may also incorporate information on how the trend may be undermined by other, competing trends and/or identify how the trend is evolving or generating a new trend. Finally, you may incorporate more than one trend in your paper IF they are inter-related, e.g. cocooning with “little luxuries” is shown in the trends in home furnishings and aromatherapy environments.

Social Media Use and Application of the Company

You will identify and analyze your chosen company’s social media marketing tactics. The goal will be to understand the overall use of their social media to promote the trend through its product(s)/service(s). You will discuss how effective is the company in using social media to raise awareness, influence desire, encourage product/service trial, facilitate purchase and create loyalty. You should analyze the use of social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinetrest, and YouTube among others.

The paper should be 4 to 5 double-spaced pages in length (not including references, or any exhibits, etc.), of which 1 to 2 pages should be allocated to the company’s use of social media.


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