The story of Ruth and her families

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Write a paper about God, family and the human hearts in the story.

1) The story of Ruth and her families (including her Moabite family, the immediate

Israelite family into which she married while in Moab, and the extended Israelite family

that includes Boaz and other family members, back in Bethlehem)

  • à Avoid making most of your paper content an expression of your speculations about

what might be in the heart of a story character, story characters, or God.

  • à Avoid using the story as a launching pad into a paper that spends most of its space in

discussion of how you understand human beings to be or act, or what your own

theology is.


2) What you discover from direct study will determine what to emphasize and how to layout your overall paper.

3) What to accomplish in your paper write up of your story?

  • What overall, the story demonstrates in its actions and words, about God, family and

the human heart, or human hearts.

  • Tell me how the story accomplishes stressing or showing a).
  • Write about how the story fits in with other stories, psalms, or passages of

instructions (laws and additional commandments and expressions of divine will that

you’ve read in the Bible earlier)) in the great unfolding story of relationship with God

through the generations

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