The Soul of Dell

The Soul of Dell

DUE Hard copy: Each student should prepare an outline of key points from their case and answers to their discussion questions.

Gardner’s “The Ethical Mind”: From the reading, each student should create 2 Engagement Questions (EQ’s). These questions will be handed in with the case outline & discussion questions.
Each question should begin by citing the relevant portion of the text and page number at least the first sentence of interest, followed by the question. Questions should be designed to apply the reading material to business and professional settings. Thus, questions should be linked to this text and then contextualized in the life experience of the questioner.


In the article, Gardner discusses how whistle-blowers display ethical minds, “Many people might see a top manager doing something unethical, but they won’t do anything about it…A whistle-blower steps back from those concerns… (p.2).

EQ #1: In your work experience, have you ever had to ‘call out’ unethical behavior of another manager or a superior? If so, what was the ethical issue at stake and what was the outcome of the situation?

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