The security of transactions made in a contactless payment system


You are required to investigate and report on the security of transactions made in a contactless payment system. You will give evidence appropriate for the field of inquiry and provide compelling arguments as a critique of that IT system’s security.


Analyse the security issues both introduced and removed when transitioning from swipe/PIN to con-
tactless cards, discuss how defense policies have or have not mitigated against attacks for contactless cards, and, based on your analysis, create your own response to the claim.

Marking Criteria:
• 1 mark – Differentiates the mechanism between the technologies

• 1 mark – Clearly describe an attack on PIN/swipe that is not possible on contactless

• 1 mark – Describes one specific part of contact-less payment system (hardware or software) and explains clearly how security is circumvented

• 2 marks – Discusses at least 2 defense policies, their aim and their effectiveness in mitigating attacks (not mechanism). Example of policy: $100 limit on purchases, Visa® Zero liability, suspicious activity detection etc.

• 2 marks – A conclusion with a response to agree or disagree with the vendor claim. This is to be furthered with justification and reasoning based on the analysis and references (as a guide 1/2 page)


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