The pros and cons of using electronic media.

The pros and cons of using electronic media.

The value of using electronic media in these current times is controversial for several reasons.

First, there is concern about relying on posting a few pictures instead of developing face-to-face friendships and conversations. There are concerns that surfing the web for information damages what Carr calls “deep thinking” – the ability to read about a subject in depth and to think in creative ways. There are also concerns that texting, for example, is dangerous not only in the non-standard language we use but in the extreme distractions that can be deadly simply from texting in the wrong places at the wrong times. Further, there are concerns about privacy from identity thieves and safety from predators that we may encounter using electronic media.

In spite of these disadvantages, perhaps you can defend the use of electronic media as part of your education, work, personal business, and/or social environment.

Do you have advice for young people today so that they can enjoy the advantages yet avoid the pitfalls of using electronic media?

Use ideas from the readings above to inform your discussion, but also share your own experiences and observations to support your ideas.

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The pros and cons of using electronic media.


The pros and cons of using electronic media.

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