the new technology and its impact on the football spectators and game attendance ratio

the new technology and its impact on the football spectators and game attendance ratio

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2. Professional Certificate Football and Sports Management

Inter-module Reflective Journal – Marksheet

The final project of the first module of the professional certificate course is a reflective journal that provides students with an opportunity to thoughtfully consider the lessons and content from the past week and put them into perspective through the writing of a personal essay.

Considering the class lectures and discussions covering subjects in Football and Sports Management — from strategic challenges and stakeholders, globalization and leadership, business acumen and project management and the others — what topic or topics resonated the most with you? Which had the greatest personal impact? Will any of these provide direction or offer guidance as you pursue your professional career? Did you discover qualities that are strengths and/or areas in which you can improve? Were the lessons from a simulation especially impactful? Does a leader who was discussed serve as an inspiration? Is there a leadership attribute or a core competency that you have successfully mastered or you hope to develop?

Any of these questions, or another one of your choosing based on the course content, can serve as the foundation for your reflective journal. The focus of your journal is to demonstrate critical thinking ability and to contemplate thoughts and ideas that stem from the course as well as your everyday experiences and document them through an analytical and introspective thought process.

The requirements for the reflective journal are:

? Should be written in English unless approval is requested and received from the course instructors.
? Papers will considered for professional appearance, quality of writing, originality and meeting the requirements as provided in the instructions and the marksheet.
? Papers should be typed, double-spaced using a 12-point font, such as Times New Roman, with one-inch margins.
? Papers may be up to, and not be longer than, 10 pages (not counting a title page, references page(s) and/or appendix).
Papers are due by:

September 15, 2015 at 6 p.m. Doha time for the April batch

September 30, 2015 at 6 p.m. Doha time for August batch

All papers should be submitted by email to the [email protected] and uploaded onto Blackboard (instructions to be provided separately when Blackboard is available).

Your instructors will read and evaluate your journal based on these instructions and the accompanying marksheet.

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