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This case analysis requires you to first develop a clear case for the causes of the capacity constraints at the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Pre-Admission Testing Area (PATA). You must identify the bottlenecks and then make specific recommendations to increase PATA’s capacity.
Process Map
In order to successfully complete this assignment you must create a process map and determine where the bottlenecks are. In order to determine where the bottlenecks are you must identify each step in the process and the actual capacity (throughput) at each step. You should indicate the time of each step and, in this case, the number of patients that can move through the individual process in an hour. It is easier to deal with processes in chart form than it is in writing pages describing the processes, which then become difficult to decipher.
Your work should include a process map. Note that the video for this week titled “Day Brains – 4 Steps to Effective Process Mapping” (see this week’s Required Readings) will help you construct the process map.
Depict the current processes and identify the specific areas that slow the overall capacity (your process map should answer these questions).
Describe whether the proposed options in the case make sense to you. Could any of them be a solution?
Based on your analysis, make specific recommendations on how the current process could be modified to increase capacity. You can suggest options that are currently not recommended by MGH. You must use your analysis to back up your suggestions. Make your recommendation to Dr.Wiener-Kronish in memo form if you like.

Length: 750-1000 word essay

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