The Making Process Of a Balsa Wood Glider

The Making Process Of a Balsa Wood Glider

Everything about the project is in the attached file. Make sure to include everything and add realistic results. NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE!!! Many studetns from my class are using the site for this project. Therefore, I do not want mine to be anything like their papers.

(( NO OUTSIDE RESOURCES SHOULD BE USED IN THIS RESEARCH )) Goal To design and build a balsa wood glider with the longest range. Requirements 1. Glider must fit in an 18”x18”x6” box 2. No propulsive devices 3. Hand launching only 4. Balsa wood and glue construction only 5. Modeling clay may be used for balance The essay should be 3 full pages + the title page. It all should be in APA FORM remember as i said, this is not a real glider just a hand made on with wood, glue, and clay. The results are based on hand launching.

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