The Korean female divers



You are required to answer all parts of this TMA02.
a) Topic: With reference to the above description of the Korean female divers, identify one topic of study and explain its significance.
(10 marks)

b) Field Site: Discuss how you plan to get entry into this community of Korean female divers.
(20 marks)

c) Informants: Describe your potential informants and discuss the basis of selection of these informants.
(20 marks)

d) Procedure: Describe and discuss how you would apply strategies, maintain relations, and collect data in the field site.
(30 marks)

e) Interviews: Describe and discuss the types of interviews and interview questions you would conduct in the field site.
(20 marks)

Write your answers in not more than 800 words. Please remember to provide the word count, and list of references (minimum 3).

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