the key influences on work and employment relations in one occupation



The term occupation is used here to refer to both a broad type of work – for instance low skilled
industrial work, highly skilled professional work, consumer service work – and to a particular job –
e.g., accountant, cleaner, engineer, waitress etc. You should identify either one broad type of work,
or one specific job, that you would like to focus upon and using the material covered in lectures and
seminars, as well as your own independent research, analyse the main characteristics of
relationships between workers and employers. You may use case studies exemplary of your chosen
occupation if you wish – for example low skilled manufacturing in a transnational corporation,
lawyers working for global law firms etc. You may also (but do not have to) compare and contrast
between experiences of work in the same occupation either by analyzing changes over time in the
organisation and control of work in the occupation, and/or by using case studies from different
international contexts.

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