The influence of personality types on online advertising

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The research focus is the influence of individual differences (personality types according the big 5 ) on online ad response when analysing different ad type (video, banners, social – facebook, email marketing) and brand and creativity.

By individual differences I mean personality types according to the big 5 theory

So it s needed an literature review around the theme. I reckon the main topics are:

1- Personality types according to the big 5 and its influence and differences on advertising response in general–

2- Personality types and its relation with the online environment – web usage – online behaviour – buyer behaviour

3- Online ad types and its differences – video, banners, social – facebook, email marketing –

4- Personality types and brand trust

5- Online behaviour and brand trust

6 – the different personality types and its response to creativity

6- the influence of online ad creativity on ad response

Please note that every statement MUST have a JOURNAL ARTICLE reference – I kindly ask for well know and recent journal articles.



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