The Inclusive Classroom

C. How  to differentiate a lesson for a
whole class with adaptations and
assessments for my case study student?
Drawing from what you have learned from your
readings, lectures and tutorials:
− Format an A4 page in a table format with headings ‘Specific Indicator’, ‘Adaptations/Strategies’ and ‘Assessment’.
− Choose an activity from your MI/Bloom plan &
develop a lesson for your class with a planned
SMART outcome for your case study student.
− Show how you would adapt the task, teaching,
resources and environment to facilitate and
assess your case study student’s inclusion.
− Includes clear understanding and reference to
related legislation/policy documents relevant to the
case study student (approx. half A4)

Outcome: Write one outcome for the lesson that includes reference to what you
wish the case study student to achieve in terms of, for example, Curriculum
content; Literacy; Social skill and/or Behaviour skill. Briefly outline the lesson steps
for the whole class.

Individual Learning Plan FORMAT

Specific Indicator

Using the SMART
approach, write specific
behavioural objectives
that clearly outline what
you will expect your
case study student to


Adaptations and
strategies that include
case study student
effectively. Include the
use of support
personnel and/or peer
support as appropriate


How will your case
study student’s progress
be assessed?
Be specific & link
assessment directly to
the SMART outcome
and indicators.

*Case study attached Separately.
*MI/Bloom Plan Attached Separately.
*PLEASE USE REFERENCES from recent studies starting from year 2000
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