The impact of extra curricular activities on the employment opportunities of graduates?

The impact of extra curricular activities on the employment opportunities of graduates?

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The aim of the assignment is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your research skills and your ability to identify and critically evaluate your findings. Your research provides the evidence to support your critical analysis on the topic and your sources must be relevant, current and reliable.

It is important that you access a range of literature, including academic sources such as journal articles, quality press and relevant websites in the field.

Once you have carried out your research of the literature, you need to bring your materials together and use them to help you present a review of the impact of extra curricular activities on graduate employment in your discipline.

All your sources must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System, both in the text (author and date) and in more detail in the Reference List.

You should use the detailed marking scheme provided to help you understand what is required and where the marks are allocated.

A critical review of literature available- 100%

o Analysis of labour market (20%)
o Analysis of labour market in general
o Analysis of Graduate labour market
o Analysis of extra-curricular activities in relation to employment (30%)
o Analysis of extra Curriculum activities
o Impact of extra-curriculum activities on employment
o Literature review to support the analysis (50%)
Overall clarity, focus on the requirement, and coherence
Extensive use of pertinent reference material, correctly referenced
Critical and comparative use of relevant concepts and theories and the contextualisation of theory where appropriate
Clear evidence of independent thinking based on analytical material, yielding novel insights supported by appropriate evidence and pertinent theory
Very well written, with clear and lucid discussion of even the most complex concepts
Free from grammar/spelling errors

To be very clear the headings you might want to use could be for example:

Analysis of labour market
Analysis of extra curricular activities in relation to employment

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