The future of IT.

Question 1:
The Zetter articles report on how the FBI severely impacted 50-100 firms by confiscating several hundred (?) servers from a pair of data centers? What would be the possible implications of such an action if the fraudsters (or worse) were using Amazon’s AWS or a virtual platform hosted in one of Microsoft’s new data centers? Will the shear scale force law enforcement to be more reasonable? Or will the risks remain until the courts generally change their rules for evidence to better address virtual servers and other shared services? What actions can firms take to mitigate this form of risk to their outsourced information services. (see article at: )

Question 2:
The Siegele (2008) report is very forthright in making some predictions about the future of IT, the data center, cloud computing, and how it will all work together to continue to change business processes. If such changes happen , what are the implications for organizations that are dependant on IT systems? Will the use of outsourced cloud services provide a competitive advantage, useful cost and operational efficiencies, or minimal operational improvements with additional risks? Why?

Question 3:
Virtualization software and network computing go hand in hand. One of the first products available via cloud computing was the hosting of virtual machines. Spend some time looking into the role of virtual machines (VM) as a tool for outsourcing all or part of a small business data center. What problems does the use of virtualization solve? What are the advantages to a small or medium sized business of using VMs and cloud computing? What are the limits and the risks associated with VMs?
See the following articles:

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