The ethical, legal and safety standards required for adventure recreation programmes.

Students are required to submit a 600 word essay on one of the identified Guest Speaker sessions conducted in class. The essay should be brief but well constructed. Students should not paraphrase statements from the guest speakers� sessions, but should highlight pertinent points that are relevant to the unit.

Learning outcomes
Completing this assignment will help you achieve the following learning outcomes:
� Discuss the concepts of adventure recreation management.
� Explain the ethical, legal and safety standards required for adventure recreation programmes.

Assignment instructions:
Provide an overview and personal comment relating to one of the guest speaker sessions or field trips conducted during the Adventure Recreation Management unit.

1. Define the boundaries of expectations.
2. Know the reasons why people do things.
3. This is not a democracy.
4. The issue of cliques.
5. Boundaries of safety.
6. Communications � briefings & absorbing knowledge
7. Health of participants.
8. Respect of other people & cultures.
9. Life is a journey not a destination.
10. Balance in life � work, family, self, play, spiritual & physical.

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