The Effects of Credit Scoring on Small Business Financing in USA.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Here are some ideas for you to consider while you work on this last assignment:
1. Does the proposal establish the need for something to be done? Is the problem or issue defined clearly? Are facts and solutions outlined clearly?
2. Is your proposal clear and easy to locate within the paper? Is the research you have included relevant to the issue? Does the research bolster your claims?
3. Are the reasons for the proposal persuasive? Does the proposal take advantage of the rhetorical strategies outlined in Week 1 of the course (see Week 1 Lecture)?
4. Is the proposal’s solution feasible (see feasibility test above)? Does the proposal fit the situation?
5. Is the proposal addressed to the correct audience? Does the intended audience have the ability/power to implement the proposal’s recommended course of action?


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