The effectiveness of destination advertising on image formation and behavioural intention

Order DescriptionA. Produce a 1500 word!!! up-to-date synthesis of LITERATURE REVIEWB. Use a minimum of 6 relevant and up-to-date academic journal articles in your essay ( attached below)C. Critically evaluate the literature related to your chosen research topic and organise your literature review according to:1. The way previous researchers investigate your chosen research topic, including:-the theory/model/framework/ used to underpinning their research;-the data collection method-the samples and sampling-the types of questions or statements being used to measure the research topic; and2. The key empirical evidence of how the chosen psychological factor affects tourists or visitors’ choices or their experiences3.Areas of controversy and directions for further research.THE REQUIRED LITERATURE REVIEW IS MORE THAN A SUMMARY, THAT MERELY RECAPS IMPORTANT EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE AND PRESENTS IT SOURCE-BY-SOURCE. A SYNTHESIS MEANS TO CREATE A NEW WHOLE BY MAKING CONNECTIONS, RE-ORGANISING AND DRAWING YOUR CONCLUSIONS THEME-BY-THEME!

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