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Final Paper Questions History of Catholic Christianity from 1200-1800  when your paper is available in both formats will your submission be complete. All papers should be written in 12-point font, and double-spaced. You must refer to your sources using standard citation, in MLA or Chicago style; even if you paraphrase a source in your own words, it must be footnoted if you are using the ideas, arguments, or desсrіptions of others. When in doubt, cite. 1. How does Dante Alighieri present his own life and soul within The Divine Comedy? You may address the question by exploring several sub-questions: What people or actions move Dante to sympathy, praise, frustration, contempt, or love? To what failings does he seem to be most vulnerable, and to what virtues does he seem most drawn? In conclusion, how does Dante’s presentation of his own life and soul reflect the ultimate purposes and aspirations of the poem?

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