The battle of Ap Bac

A Critical SummaryIn early January 1963 a small-scale battle was fought between South Vietnamese troops with their American combat advisers and Viet Congtroops. This battle provided an important set of lessons for both sides that would influence the war to come. The lead American adviserwas John Paul Vann, whose experiences at Ap Bac were chronicled by Neil Sheehan in his book A Bright Shining Lie. For this assignmentyou will read this section of Sheehan’s book and create an essay that addresses the following:1. What were the key developments, patterns, or decisions that influenced the course of the battle on both sides?2. What lessons does Sheehan think that Vann and others took from their experiences at Ap Bac?3. What lessons do you think the Viet Cong commanders might have taken from the battle?This unit’s project is based on this reading: The Battle of Ap BacBe sure to provide specific details or facts from the text to support your assertions and conclusions.

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