the barriers and enablers of entrepreneurial activity

What are the barriers and enablers of entrepreneurial activity in a particular context and how can the barriers be reduced?
1. Procedure:
A. Read all of the literature materials, reviews and related reading books.

B. Research: Creating questionnaire or interviews or both of them based on step A.(Means you design the terms in the questionnaire or interview should be related to literature materials, reviews and related reading books).

C. Analyze the results according to your research critically (The document named ‘advice of assignment’Page 8-11 and 16 will tell you how critical).The depth of discussion should not be thin. Be critical. For example, advantages and disadvantages, OR SWOT analysis, OR PEST analysis (For external) OR A combination of these. (Mentioned in ‘Advice of assignment Page 16.) Whatever, SWOT, PEST is up to you, they are not compulsory but maybe bonus mark.
Because questionnaire or interviews are primary data. The analysis in report is to analyze the primary data

D. When you are creating the interview questions, questionnaire and analysis should be based in lecture material and relevant academic reading.

E. The key is to analyze primary data(Questionnaire or interview or BOTH, up yo you). Secondary data in this report just to support your point of view.
2. You can pick questionnaire or interview or BOTH of them shown in the appendix. PS: If any tables you do in the appendix please be clear (If you are good at using WORD,that is fine. If not, please try to use excel to do the table.)

4. Additional reading is good for high marks

5. The report should be logic, From wide to narrow, general to specific. do not too thin, be critical

6. read through the ‘Assessment criteria’, and u will know what extent you can meet. I think 80+ is suitable for you.

7. The questionnaire and interview Results should be primary data test you have collected.

literature and reviews etc are generally secondary data.

(Report format)
1. Executive summary
2. Intro
3. Finding/body (Could use table, sub-title)
4. Conclusion
5. Recommendation
6. Bibliography
7. Appendix ( Questionnaires, interviews)

the word limit excludes the executive summary, appendix, tables and the list of references.


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