Tesco Assessment

Tesco Assessment
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illustrate how well, or not, Tesco utilize the roles of public relations, sales promotions, and advertising.

The review must include a critical evaluation of the principles, practice and effectiveness of the above. You should use subheadings to break up your content and can include graphics (such as visuals and screen shots) to illustrate your answer.

The advertising section must cover press, broadcast and electronic media whilst for the sales promotion section, you will need to look for examples of save, free and win promotions as well as any loyalty schemes. The public relations section will need to assess both media coverage and any direct campaigns to particular stakeholders.

You will need to both analyze and evaluate the effective usage of the marcomms media and not just describe.

Tesco Website: https://www.tesco.com/


Attached is one good example to follow.

Make sure that you cover DRIP (Differentiate, Remind/Reassure, Inform, and Persuade.

Make sure to cover a campaign.

Make sure to cover Free, Save, and Win concepts in the sales promotion sections.

Please only use references from the reference list attached as much as needed.

Use Straight English Language without polishing the organization

This is not an academic essay, please write in REVIEW format:

You need to outline the rationale behind your assumptions, and link this back to theory as much as possible, rather than just stating them.

You should use sub-headings within your answer, and write in the active (rather than the academic passive) voice.

Screen shots of material are necessary as part of your submission but are not part of your word count.

You are allowed an additional 300 words in a separate appendix which can contain organisation/brand background and which is the only material that you are allowed to take directly from the organization website.

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