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Course Textbook
White, J. R. (2014). Terrorism and homeland security (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth

Unit VI Article Critique

For this assignment, choose a peer-reviewed article to critique related to Al Qaeda and Jihadist networks and domestic terrorism. Use a source that contains peer-reviewed articles. The authors of
these articles are researchers and professionals who have shared or experimented with ideas that demonstrate potential to improve the industry.
As you read the article you choose for this assignment, consider the following questions:
How could the topic of this article apply to your professional life (LAW ENFORCEMENT)?
How could it apply to an organization you have observed (NEW YORK CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT)?

The article you choose must meet the following requirements:
-Be peer reviewed
-Relate to the concepts within this course
-Be at least five pages in length

The writing you submit must meet the following requirements:
-Be at least two pages in length
-Identify the main topic/question
-Discuss the research method(s) used (or information presented), its strengths and limitations, as well as the results of the study.
-Critique the article and share your thoughts—what appears to be valid and invalid?
-Do you agree with the author’s assertions? Why, or why not?

Format your Article Critique using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism.

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