teaching road safety for 5 year old children with road map

teaching road safety for 5 year old children with road map

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Refrences 5 year latest only peer reviewed journals or articles.

1. you can search up safety of the product for 5 yrs old, like saying our item will be made of plastic, the size will be 70cm x 50cm, cars and toys will be bigger too, like car is 4cm x 7cmetc so that choking we minimise the choking hazard, sharps, etc. (200 words)

2. How the item is appropriate for age group (5 years old children), , psychosocial development. (75 words).

By using picture below you need to answer the above question only. (which is my part for presentation)
We are using the product (picture) to show our class how it is helpful and educate 5 year old children about road  safety.
Target is 5 year children only.
Please write in very simple writing. So everyone can understand while i speak.

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