We can work on Earth Wind & Fire

The paper must be 5 pages long and include: -the biographical information of the person. -why this person is an important person -you must make a comparison between the person you are researching and someone from today in the same area -the paper must have a reference page with at least 5 references -Typed, double […]

We can work on Muir Wind Storm

1.Read Muir Wind Storm in the Sierra and write a short paragraph about nature in the style of Muir. -12 Muir doc attached Also take notes of 5 important matters to discuss from the Ansel Adams Documentary, and Santa Barbara Oil Spill Video. Bullet point notes 5 notes per video Sample Solution The United States […]

We can work on wind data analysis using matlab and excel

the report should include and introduction ( objectives ) , ethics and research the excel sheet has all the information needed. while the word document is the aim of the project. don’t focus on the entire aim just focus on the topics listed above ( introduction , ethics and research ) Let’s use 2003 initially […]