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Students are encouraged to include a humanistic perspective or critique in the paper (does not need to be the major focus of the paper, though). The paper should be written in accordance with APA Style (6th ed.). The papers should cite and reference a minimum of 5 scholarly resources. Papers should be written in a scholarly style and tone (i.e., consider a journal article as a good model for the expected style of writing). Pleiase make sure you include: (a) an abstract, (b) an introduction that states your theme and main topics covered, and (c) a conclusion section that summarizes your key points and any conclusions. See below for more explanation. Although this paper is a position paper, students should be sure to support their position with references from the scholarly literature. Minimum of 8 references. Rubrics for course papers can be found in Appendix B in the Syllabus.


Here are some guidelines I ask you to use. Below are also two references you can use for further information.

Structure: have title for each section (bold and capitalized).
Use topic sentences (see reference at end)
Give topic (e.g., what is your question, thesis, goal)
How you will approach the topic (include a brief description of the subject and purpose of each section)
Why you chose this topic
Main body
Divided into sections
At beginning of each section give the focus and purpose of section
Summarize what you did
Give conclusions (what do you take away from your paper, e.g. how applicable to your interests, what questions are you left with, what further research might be done)

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