System Alternatives Assessment—Feasibility Matrix

Complete the attached System Alternatives Assessment—Feasibility Matrix and provide 1-page
Summary of the the recommendation (Solution for company) choice and why based on the assessment and matrix – What is the final solution for this company? Why? So this is where you mention ‘as a result of the use cases/DFD/ERDs etc. we have analyzed, we have decided this is the solution for your company…’

Some Options to consider for the Matrix:

It’s scalable, configurable, and from what I could tell, provides the majority of the functions we need ‘out of the box’.

2- Primarily for mid-large sized companies, appears to do everything needed and then some, cost might be higher than others.

3- Develop system in house?

4 –
Doesn’t look like it based upon the website, but if you check out the brochure at:
it looks like it supports basically everything Conover needs.


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