Sustainable Strategy

Sustainable Strategy
Individual Management report(MUST write like report structure,see page 3)
Name of Company Corporate Website Business Sector
1 TUI Group Leisure Travel Hotels
2 Hewlett -Packard Global information technology
3 Next(write this) Fashion Retailer and e-tailer
4 Nike Athletic Apparel and Equipment
5 Occidental Petroleum Oil and gas exploration
and production
6 Facebook Social Media
7 Spotify Media Streaming
8 H & M High Street Fashion

Important attention:MUST write NEXT,this company:
Fashion Retailer and e-tailer
Write a report 1000words report,this report must contain following points
1.Examining and evaluating the macro environment, stating specific examples of how these factors influence/impact upon the business operations of your chosen organisation.(my organization is NEXT)
2.Stating and examining the capabilities (resources and competences) of the organisation.
3.Examining and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.
4.Examining and evaluating the opportunities and threats within the market place (this links directly to the macro environmental factors).
5.Examining and evaluating the industry through Porter’s Five Forces model.(must write Porter five forces analysis)
There must be a firm conclusion of the areas discussed that follows on from the analysis.
• Critical analyse of the organisation’s strategic position, clearly identifying which theoretical models have valid applications in different contexts and making practical use of mainstream strategy concepts to assess the organization’s strategic position.
• Critical analyse of the organisation’s strategic direction, determining which theoretical models have valid applications in different environmental contexts and making practical use of mainstream strategy concepts to assess the organisation strategic direction.
• Account for and critically evaluate the organisation’s strategic decisions within the context of its external and internal environment, using SWOT/TOWS frameworks to support your analysis.
• Synthesise your understanding and knowledge of critical aspects of the organisation’s strategy and the strategic process in your Conclusions and Recommendations.
• Demonstrate an ability to independently research, present, analyse and critically evaluate relevant data and appropriate academic literature to support your analysis, conclusions and recommendations.
MUST write like this Structure:
• Executive summary: This should present a ‘snapshot’ of the report – What did you find out? What
conclusions have you drawn? [This will help you to start formulating the
Executive Summary for your Summative.]
• Introduction: An introduction that places the organisation within context – its financial status, operations (what it does), its proposed strategy and their key competitors.
• An analysis of the sector/industry through Porter’s Five Forces model..
• An analysis of the organisation’s internal business environment – specifically the capabilities of the organisation. This will include the use of the VRIO framework.
• An analysis of the organisation’s external business environment – macro factors (Pestel framework).
• A critical evaluation of the chosen company’s strategic position, based on an assessment of the organisation’s internal and external business environment using the appropriate frameworks – SWOT/TOWS
• Conclusions – [What conclusions do you draw from undertaking the various examinations of the above topics/issues? This will help you to start formulating some of your conclusions for CW2
• References: These must be in the CULC Harvard Format. Additionally there must be appropriate in-text citations throughout your work.
[NOTE: You must seek out reliable and validated sources of information for your assignments – Please refer to comments elsewhere in this document and other guides on the M002 Moodle pages.]
• Appendices: No more than four pages in total.
The analysis should be supported by data gathered from your case study company and your independent research. It should also be presented using a range of theoretical frameworks and methods covered in the module (Topics 1 – 5 only).
You are expected to use (as an absolute minimum) the core text, the company’s most recent Annual Report, two business news items (from reliable sources) and one journal article.
You should also check your work against the rubric (see later note).
The Management Report must be professionally presented and appropriately referenced. As stated above we want you to develop the mind-set that this is for the Board of Directors of your chosen company. Even though you are submitting this electronically we want you to follow the format stated below.
Assignments must be presented in the following format:
• Word-processed in Arial font, 12 pitch and double-spaced.
• Margins must be as follows: Top; 1.0 inch (2.5cm), Bottom; 1.0 inch (2.5
cm), Left; 1.25 inches (3.2 cm), Right; 1.25 inches (3.2 cm).
• All pages must be numbered in the top right-hand corner.
• Use only a plain white background – no coloured/designed backgrounds (including company logos) as this impedes readability.
Please also remember that a report can be enhanced or damaged through layout, for example placing all tables and diagrams in Appendices can hamper the flow of discussion (see later comments on the use of tables). Decisions therefore need to be made about the most appropriate place to use tables [please see various notes on what should not be in a tabular format] and so on to support your case.
Written English
Review both your sentence and paragraph structuring prior to submission. Your written English must be of a professional standard. This includes avoiding ‘journalistic’ words and phrases such as: ‘cut-throat’ competition. A good text to help you enhance your writing skills is:
Peck, J. and Coyle, M. (2005) The Student’s Guide to Writing: Grammar,
Punctuation and Spelling. (2nd Ed). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
There are also other resources that you can use in the library.
Word Limit: 1,200 words using the standard format described above.
Please Note: The specified word count refers to the main body of the report and does not include: title page, executive summary, tables, graphs, references or appendices (however no more than four pages of appendices). You are allowed an upper margin of 10%. In cases where the formative submission exceeds this 10% upper limited, the sections beyond the 10% limit will not be read.
Submission Date: 09.00 AM Monday Week 6 via Turnitin, both elements e.g. presentation slides and Management Report as a single file. This means that it must be registered on the university server before 09.00am. Any submission with a time stamp of 09:00am or later will automatically be considered late and awarded zero marks.
It is your responsibility to check the submission date – As shown on the submission link on Moodle
It is therefore strongly advised that you submit at least one day beforehand. It is your responsibility to upload the correct document onto the university system prior to the deadline.

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